Getting this out of my head


  • The girls I think want to date me, I don’t want to date.
  • The girls I want to date, don’t want to date me.
QUESTIONS that haunt my mind:
  • Am I that disgusting?
  • Am I that boring?
  • Am I shallow?
  • Am I blind?
  • Am I picky?
  • Am I wicked?
  • Is it worth trying?
  • Should I forget about it and spend more time on myself?
  • Why have I let myself get to be 28 and like this?
STATEMENTS I tell myself:
  • You are pretty amazing.
  • You’re doing a lot of things really well.
  • Yes, you can be more righteous.
  • Yes, you can be healthier.
  • You know what you need to do.
  • Being unmarried at 28 doesn’t make you wicked, incomplete, or a sad state of a man.
What the SPIRIT tells me:
  • To find happiness in this life you only have to do 4 things.
  • Remember Moses and the Brazen Serpent.

One thought on “Getting this out of my head

  1. ambrwaves says:

    What four things? And also, it’s tough to be on the same page as a member of the opposite sex, but it is possible, and it will happen for you. Keep trying.

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